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As far back as I can remember, I've had an interest in learning more about people and how they operate in the world.  As a child, I always strived to figure out the answers to life's big questions - why are we here, what am I meant to do when I grow up - ever curious to see the bigger picture.

Astrology has provided a template and tool for me to integrate and better understand myself and others.  It has validated what I've been moving through, shown me the different facets of my personality, as well as how I interact with the world around me.

Only in the past few years has it really taken ahold of me - though I was never one to turn down a good horoscope reading in a magazine!  After a couple years of self-study, last January I took the leap of faith and decided to sign up to Debra Silverman's Applied Astrology program.  Several months later, I handed in my  notice and became a full-time astrologer.  Since then, life has taken me to Mexico, to introducing tarot to my offerings, as well as to diving deep into my own and others' past lives and spirit guides.


It is my dream and wish to share this knowledge with you, to guide you towards your own sense of wisdom to help you empower yourself, and remind you that all aspects of your personality - however strange and weird - are exactly as they are meant to be.

I hope you'll join me on this journey


I had a fantastic reading with Emma, it was extremely insightful and I was amazed at how accurate it was, especially when it came down to the details of my character traits and interests.  Emma has an infectious, warm energy and is incredibly intuitive.  She hit the nail on the head on so many things which I resonated with.  I really recommend having a reading with her, it's so fascinating to learn more about your chart and Emma is a master at reading it for you.  


It was such a pleasure to receive an astrology chart reading from Emma! It was an incredible insight into who I am and blew my mind on how multi-dimensional it was in the accuracy of painting the picture of my life so far and where my soul wants to go.  It gave me clarity and hope for my present moment, and my journey internally and externally.  I recommend this for anyone who is looking for understanding into why they are who they are.  Thank you so much!


I had the pleasure of having my first astrology reading with Emma, and within moments, any nervousness I had before it was put to ease as Emma's warm and open-spirited nature helped me feel relaxed and intrigued to learn more about myself.  Emma presented the most in-depth and beautiful birth chart, and shared poignant insights into my star signs.  She carried the conversation in a way that made it go deep under the surface of my thoughts and feelings, but in a safe way, as if I was chatting to a dear, wise friend.  I left the reading feeling supercharged with energy, feeling like I knew myself in a way I hadn't before.






Taking place over Zoom, we look at your birth chart to see what makes you who you are.  We also take into account your relationship to your emotions, along with your thinking and communication style, as well as your elemental composition (Fire, Air, Earth, Water).  We discuss the major themes in your life, your greatest strengths, and speak about your life lesson.  The reading ends with us looking at what you might be moving through at the moment, and provides guidance on how to best work with the energy at hand.


A recording will be sent after the session, along with your natal chart


The way I approach my work with tarot cards is less to inform you about your future, and more to help you see what is coming up for you in the present moment.


Having tuned into your question(s), I pull an array of cards to offer guidance on the energies and dynamics at play, and provide clarity for what might be your next step moving forward.

My work with tarot is very much intuitive, so often spirit guides or certain messages come through, which I then relay to you.

The intention of this offering is with your utmost support in mind, and with healing, guidance and nurturance at the forefront too.


A recording will be sent after the session, along with the cards pulled



If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Either use the form on the right, or send a message directly to the email address down below.

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